[Learn English with us!] NZ General Election 2020 뉴질랜드 총선거

[Learn English with us!] NZ General Election 2020 뉴질랜드 총선거

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Learn English with us! 


이번 호는 곧 다가올 뉴질랜드 총선거에 대해 알아보고 용어들을 공부해 보겠습니다. 

선거인 등록은 하셨나요? 아직 못하셨으면 아래 안내를 보고 서둘러 등록하시기 바랍니다.

New Zealand’s Parliament is in Wellington. In Parliament, there is the Government.

Every 3 years New Zealand has a General Election.

(뉴질랜드 의회는 웰링턴에 있습니다. 의회에는 정부가 있습니다. 뉴질랜드는 3년마다 총선을 치릅니다.)

We choose a new Government. People vote for: (우리가 정부를 선택하는 것입니다. 투표는 아래와 같습니다)

• The party they like and   지지하는 정당

• A person to represent them in the area where they live.  거주지역을 대표하는 사람

The General Election is taking place between

Saturday 3 October & Saturday 17 October 2020 (총선거는 10월 3일부터 17일에 시행됩니다.)

A) General election vocabulary. Match the words with their definition 단어에 맞는 의미를 찾아보세요.

 1. _______ to elect   선출

 a. To choose a person and party on a voting paper on election day.

 2. _______ an election   선거

 b. When people vote to choose who they want in Government.

 3. _______ an electorate  선거구(유권자)

 c. To choose a person and party to represent you.

 4. _______ Parliament   의회

 d. NZ has different areas. Each area chooses one person to represent the people in that area. Each area is called

 5. _______ to vote   투표

 e. The group of 120 people who are chosen in an election. They govern the country

How to enrol 등록하는 방법 

There are six ways to enrol: 6가지 방법이 있습니다.
1. To enrol online at vote.nz you need a New Zealand driver licence OR a New Zealand passport OR a RealMe ID.
vote.nz 사이트에서 온라인으로 등록하려면 뉴질랜드 운전면허증이나 뉴질랜드 여권 혹은 RealMe.ID가 필요합니다.

2. Complete an enrolment form online. It will be emailed or posted for you to sign and send back.
온라인으로 등록양식을 작성하면 추후에 이메일이나 우편물로 받고서 서명 후 다시 보냅니다.

3. Download an Enrolment Form from vote.nz to print and post.
vote.nz 사이트에서 등록 양식을 다운받아 작성 후 우편으로 보냅니다.

4. Text your name and address to 3676 (it’s free!) 3676으로 무료문자를 보냅니다.

5. Call free 0800 36 76 56   0800 36 76 56으로 무료전화를 겁니다.

6. Enrol on election day (or whenever you decide to vote between 3 and 17 Oct)
선거일(혹은 10월 3일과 17일 사이에 선거하려고 하는 날)에 등록합니다.

Enrol to vote
Voting starts on Saturday 3 October. You can vote from Saturday 3 October to Saturday 17 October. 
On election day, you can vote at a voting place between 9.00am and 7.00pm. Take your Easy Vote card with you. You can vote without an Easy Vote card, but it will take longer. When you arrive at the voting place an election worker will guide you. You will be asked for your name and address. They will give you a voting paper. Take it behind a voting screen. Your vote is secret. You have 2 votes. One is for the party you want to be the Government. The other is for the person to represent your electorate. There will also be two referendums. One is about making cannabis legal and the other is about the End of Life Choice Act 2019. When you finish, fold the paper in half and put it in the ballot box
The results of the General Election begin from 7pm on election day. You can see the results online at www.electionresults.govt.nz or on TV (Freeview).

B) Match the words with their definitions 단어에 맞는 뜻을 찾아보세요.

 1. a voting place 투표소

 a. A small card with your information.

 2. EasyVote card 투표정보카드

 b. The answer after counting all the votes.

 3. an election worker 선거요원

 c. A small wall that stops people from seeing who you vote for

 4. a voting paper 투표 용지

 d. The box where you put your voting paper

 5. a voting screen 투표 부스

 e. A place where you go to vote.

 6. ballot box 투표함

 f. The form that you fill in with your votes

 7. results 결과 

 g. A person who works at the voting place

 정    답:   A) 1. c   2. b   3. d   4. e   5. a

                B) 1.e    2. a   3. g   4. g   5. c   6. d   7. b


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