Describing Character and Personality – 사람들의 성격 표현

Describing Character and Personality – 사람들의 성격 표현

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Joanne: What is your new teacher like? 새로운 선생님 어때요?

Michaella: She’s kind and funny. You will like her.  친절하고 재미있어요. 죠앤도 좋아할 거에요.

Joanne: That’s great. 잘됐네요.

우리는 일상생활에서 다른 사람들을 칭찬하기도 하고 혹은 비평하기도 하죠. 사람들의 성격을 설명하는 단어들을 배워보고 오해가 생기지 않도록 대화에 잘 적용해봅시다.



Opposite 반대말 


 똑똑한, 영리한

 a very common word to describe an intelligent person

 stupid / dumb – be careful with these words, as they are strong and insulting! Smart의 반대말. 모욕적일 수 있으니 사용 시 주의해야 해요.



 someone who is intelligent in a creative way; a clever person can create unique and unexpected solutions to problems



 지혜로운, 현명한

 someone who has life experience, lots of knowledge, and the ability to make good decisions.

 foolish – that’s a person who doesn’t have common sense, and who does things that are not a good idea 



 someone who is modest and who does not call attention to their own greatness.

 arrogant 오만한 A person who has too much confidence in themselves, and who considers themselves superior to others


 허영심이 많은

 (negative) someone who cares too much about their appearance



 결단력 있는

 someone who makes strong, firm decisions and is confident in their choices.

 indecisive/ wishy-washy 우유부단한/미온적인 someone who feels not confident and has difficulty making final decisions, or who constantly goes back and forth from one option to another without committing.



 someone who works very hard

 lazy – a person who is not active and doesn’t like to do work or make an effort.



 신뢰할 수 있는

 meaning you can depend on them; you know they will get things done

 unreliable – you can’t have certainty that an unreliable person will do their work.


 야심 있는

 meaning someone who strongly desires a lot of success.




 Someone gives serious attention to what you are doing, in order to avoid harm, damage, or mistakes.

 careless –A careless person doesn’t pay attention or focus, increasing the possibility of making mistakes.

 outgoing/ extroverted


 who loves being in social situations and interacting with other people

 reserved or shy this is a quieter person who doesn’t like being the centre of attention. The word “shy” is stronger than “reserved.”



someone talks a lot




 someone who treats others well

 mean / nasty 못된, 고약한 someone who treats other people badly, behaves in an unpleasant way


 친절한, 다정한

 pleasant and friendly

 cruel 잔인한 a person who intentionally causes others to suffer.


 사려 깊은, 배려하는

 someone who thinks about other peoples’ feelings and tries not to hurt them

 rude or inconsiderate

meaning someone who is not polite, and who doesn’t think about others’ feelings. 



 an easy-going person is relaxed, flexible, and easy to get along with

 short-tempered 성마른  Someone who quickly gets angry


 모험심이 강한

 Someone who loves having new experiences




 someone with a lot of courage

 coward 겁쟁이 someone who has no courage


 두려움 없는

 An even stronger word for “brave”, someone who seems never to be afraid




 Someone who likes to share and give away their money, time, and possessions is

 selfish someone who prefers to keep everything for themselves is.



 is used specifically for a person who hates spending or giving money.




 a person who wants to have much more than is necessary or appropriate.




· Ginny is a bit of a coward.   지니는 좀 겁쟁이에요.

· My husband is very easy-going.  제 남편은 항상 느긋해요.

· The people in my office are really friendly.  저희 사무실 직원은 정말 친절해요.

· My sister is very hard-working. 제 여동생은 정말 열심히 일해요.

· I don’t really know any nasty people. 저는 못된 사람은 못 만났어요.

· My grandfather was a very wise man. He taught me many things. 할아버지는 정말 지혜로운 분이셨고, 많은 것을 알려주셨어요.



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