[Learn English with us] Social media influencers

[Learn English with us] Social media influencers

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Learn English with us!  


최근TV나 신문 보다 SNS의 정보 전달력이나 파급력이 더욱 커졌습니다. 따라서 이런 소셜미디어에서 활동하는 유명 인플루언서의 파워도 막강해지고 전파력도 커졌습니다. 

오늘은 소셜미디어 인플루언서에 대한 글을 읽고 새로운 단어들도 배워봅시다.





 1. ………… expertise



 a. something that is popular right now

 2. …………… a trend



 b. the people who watch or follow a public event, e.g. a film or concert

 3. ………an audience



 c. expert knowledge or skill in an area

 4. …………consistent



 d. to ask someone to pay

 5. ……………  catchy



 e. a specialised area

 6. ………… to charge



 f. a short introduction of a person (short for ‘biography’)

 7. ………………  a bio



 g. doing something in the same way over time

 8. ……………  a niche



 h. attractive and easily remembered

아래 글을 읽고 문제를 풀어보세요. 

Social media influencers 

It is estimated that about 40 per cent of the world’s population use social media, and many of these billions of social media users look up to influencers to help them decide what to buy and what trends to follow. 

So what is an influencer and how do we become one? 

An influencer is a person who can influence the decisions of their followers because of their relationship with their audience and their knowledge and expertise in a particular area, e.g. fashion, travel or technology. Influencers often have a large following of people who pay close attention to their views. They have the power to persuade people to buy things, and influencers are now seen by many companies as a direct way to customers’ hearts. Brands are now asking powerful influencers to market their products. With some influencers charging up to $25,000 for one social media post, it is no surprise that more and more people are keen to become influencers too. If you are one of them, then here are five tips on how to do it.

Task 1 Choose the best answer.

1. A social media influencer is not someone who...

a. guides the decisions of their followers.

b. is an expert in a particular area.

c. pays their followers to buy products.

d. has many followers who pay attention to their opinions.

2. Companies want to use influencers to help...

a. sell their products to their followers.

b. develop new products.

c. write their blogposts.

d. design their websites.

3. If you want to be an influencer, your bio on your social media account shouldn’t...

a. say who you are.

b. talk about your niche area.

c. be interesting.

d. be the same as other people’s bios.

4. You should make sure that you post...

a. once a month.

b. every day for the first month and then once a month after that.

c. about similar subjects.

d. about all sorts of different things.

5. You can make sure that people find your post by...

a. using hashtags.

b. using funny or memorable titles.

c. using different social media to link to your post.

d. doing all of the above.

6. What should the title of this blogpost be?

a. Five ways to influence people

b. Five ways to use influencers in marketing

c. Five tips on becoming a social media influencer

d. Five tips on making money as an influencer

Task 2 Are the sentences true or false?

 1. An influencer needs to know about as many topics as possible, e.g. fashion, travel, technology, etc.  

True /False

 2. Companies are paying some influencers up to $25,000 to post about their products.


 3. Most influencers write regular posts on their blogs or micro-blogs.


 4. You can chat with your followers using your bio.


 5. Your posts should not only be attractive but should tell a story.


 6. You can become a social media influencer in a short time.



1. c           2. a            3. b            4. g              5. h             6. d           7. f          8. e

1. c           2. a            3. d            4. c              5. d             6. c         

1. False     2. True       3. True       4. False       5. True         6. False    

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