[Learn English with us] COMPOST BIN 퇴비통

[Learn English with us] COMPOST BIN 퇴비통

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Learn English with us!  


전 세계가 이상기후로 힘든 시기입니다. 우리 아이들에게 보다 안전한 세상을 남겨주기 위해 우리 각자가 할 수 있는 일은 무엇이라도 시작해야 합니다. 그중 하나가 음식물 쓰레기 줄이기입니다. 음식물 쓰레기로 퇴비를 만든다면 일석이조가 아닐까요?


GETTING STARTED Choose a sunny spot to place your compost bin. Position directly on the earth so soil life can enter. Layer twigs at the base so air can flow freely inside. 

WHAT TO ADD  Greens are anything soft, fresh, moist and nitrogen rich, such as food waste or fresh green lawn clippings. Browns are anything brown, brittle and carbon rich such as fallen autumn leaves, paper and cardboard, or dry browned lawn clippings. 

WHAT NOT TO ADD Noxious weeds, dog and cat faeces (manure from grass-eating, herbivorous animals is fine), oil and other liquids, cooked and/or processed foods, such as bread, pasta and meat unless it has been treated with Bokashi first 




I. How to use a compost bin 

 1.You can put paper towels into your kitchen caddy.



 2. Flowers and weeds from your garden can go in your food scraps bin.



 3. Your food scraps bin is collected weekly on the same day as your rubbish collection.



 4. You have to pay every time you put out your food scraps bin.



 5. You can use plastic bin liners to line your kitchen caddy.



 6. It’s a good idea to store your food scraps in the freezer until your rubbish collection day.



 7. Using the food scraps bin saves you money.



 8. The food scraps collection replaces composting.



II. What can go in your home compost bin? 


Which of these items can go in your home compost bin? Write your answers in the table below.

      fireplace ashes           cooking oil                  cheese                      nutshells                 meat                          

      leaves                         fruit/vege peel             toilet paper rolls      cooked pasta          cardboard   

      grass cuttings             cigarette butts             paper towels             nappies                   tissues

      sauce                          tea bags                       coffee grounds         noxious weeds       eggshells 

      salad with dressing        compostable coffee cups         raw veges        compostable plastic bags

 Compost me!

 Don’t compost me!




I. 1. T      2.  F       3. T      4. F      5. F       6.  T       7. T      8.  F

II. Compost me! : fireplace ashes / nutshells / leaves / fruit/vege peel / toilet paper rolls / cardboard / grass cuttings / paper towels / tissues / coffee grounds / egg shells / raw vegetables

Don’t compost me! : cooking oil / cheese / meat / cooked pasta / cigarette butts (contain plastic) / nappies / sauce / noxious weeds /  teabags (Empty out the tea because most teabags contain PP or PLA – biodegradable plastics which don’t break down in typical home composts). tissues salad with dress / compostable coffee cups (contain PLA – a biodegradable plastic which does not break down in typical home composts. Can be composted in a commercial hot compost)./ compostable plastic bags (contain PLA – a biodegradable plastic which does not break down in typical home composts. Can be composted in a commercial hot compost). 

(Resource: English Language Partners North Shore/Auckland Council) 


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