[Learn English with us] Rainy Days

[Learn English with us] Rainy Days

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올해 뉴질랜드에 유난히 비 오는 날이 많네요. 모두 비 피해 없으시기를 바랍니다. 이런 날 흔히 들을 수 있는 대화를 연습해 보고 실전에 사용해 봅시다. 


Joanne: Wow, the rain is really coming down today, isn't it?

Ginny: Absolutely! It's pouring cats and dogs out there. I hope everyone came prepared with their umbrellas.

Joanne: I did, but I still managed to get wet from head to toe just walking from the bus stop.

Ginny: That's rough! The rain can be so unpredictable. It was sunny just an hour ago.

Joanne: I know, right? I was hoping for a bright and cheerful day, but instead, we got a dark and gloomy one.

Ginny: Well, sometimes the rain can be refreshing, like a natural car wash for the city streets. But it's not so pleasant when you're caught in it.

Joanne: Tell me about it. My shoes are soaked, and I can feel the squelching with every step I take.

Ginny: Oh no, that's the worst feeling! Maybe you should invest in some waterproof boots for days like this.

Joanne: That's a good idea. I'll definitely consider it. By the way, have you ever experienced a really intense storm?

Ginny: Oh, yes! Last summer, we had a massive thunderstorm with heavy rain and strong winds. It was quite a spectacle. The thunder was so loud, it rattled the windows!

Joanne: That must have been both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. I love watching storms from the safety of my home.

Ginny: Same here! There's something mesmerizing about the lightning illuminating the dark sky and the sound of rain hitting the roof.

Joanne: Absolutely! It's a great opportunity to curl up with a good book or watch a movie while the storm rages outside.

Ginny: Definitely. And if the power goes out, it can be an adventure too, with candles and board games to keep us entertained.

Joanne: True! Stormy weather can bring people together and create some memorable moments.

Ginny: It sure can. But let's hope for brighter days ahead. I'm ready for some sunshine and blue skies.

Joanne: Me too! But until then, let's embrace the rain and make the most of it. After all, it's just water falling from the sky.

Ginny: You're right. Rain or shine, we'll make the best of every day.


 Be raining cats and dogs 비가 억수같이 퍼붓다

 unpredictable 예측할 수 없는

 squelch (물기로 인해) 쩍 달라붙는 소리가 나다

 rattle 덜컹거리다

 curl up 몸을 웅크리다

 embrace 포용하다, 받아들이다

 head to toe 머리끝부터 발끝까지 

 Tell me about it 맞아, 내 말이

 intense storm 강력한 폭풍

 mesmerizing 마음을 사로잡는, 넋을 빼놓는

 power goes out 전기가 나가다

 make the most of it 최대한 이용하다/누리다 


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