[Learn English with us] Making a small talk

[Learn English with us] Making a small talk

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직장에서 미팅이나 출장 등으로 인해 새로운 사람들을 만나게 되는 일이 자주 있으신가요?

업무 관련 미팅 시작 전 자기 소개도 하고 Small talk로 먼저 시작하는 것이 좋습니다.

Dialogue: 1 
Joanne: How was your trip? 
Ginny: It was quite busy on the plane and I nearly missed my connection in San Francisco. But otherwise, I didn’t have any real difficulties. 
Joanne: Have you had problems with a flight before? 
Ginny: Oh yeah. Once I was stuck in the airport in Singapore for almost a whole day because there were problems with the flight. But it’s a fantastic airport and there’s so much to do that it was actually a really good time.

Dialogue : 2 
Joanne: Do you know any good places to eat around here? 
Ginny: Yeah, if you can handle spicy food, there’s a Mexican place that does the best chilli I’ve tasted outside of Mexico.

Dialogue: 3 
Joanne: How long have you been working for ABC company? 
Ginny: Only about a year or so. I’m still learning the ropes really. 
Joanne: What did you do before this? 
Ginny: I worked in sales for a software company for about seven years. It was really interesting, but I find this job more interesting and more of a challenge.

Dialogue: 4 
Joanne: Is this your first trip to New Zealand? 
Ginny: No. I came here with my family on holiday a long time ago. I see there’s been a lot of expansion in Auckland since then, but it’s still a really beautiful place. 
Joanne: What did you see when you were with your family? 
Ginny: We went on a road trip down the North Island from Auckland to Wellington. It was wonderful. We spent a lot of time camping and on the beach.

Dialogue: 5
Joanne: What do you do when you’re not working? 
Ginny: I do a lot of running. I’m actually in training for an ultramarathon next year. 
Joanne: How long have you been training for the ultramarathon? 
Ginny: I did a marathon just over a year ago and really enjoyed it. About two months later, I read about ultramarathons and decided to see if I could push myself to go further.

아래 대화를 보시고 빈칸에 적합한 문장을 찾아 대화를 완성해 보세요. 
Petra: Hi Cecelia, how are you? 
Cecelia: Hi Petra, I was hoping I would see you. How are you? 
Petra: I’m great, thanks. 1________________ Juan. 
Cecelia: Hello, Juan. 2 .___________________ 
Juan: 3_____________________________ too. 
Petra: Juan is one of our customers from Spain. 
Cecelia: Oh, that’s great. 4___________________ Edinburgh? 
Juan: I’ve been to Scotland before, but last time I was in Glasgow. It’s very beautiful here. 5________________________ this company? 
Cecelia: Around seven years now. 6____________________ Petra, but I do a lot of work in the marketing department too. 
Juan: 7______________________________________ . You must be very busy! 
Cecelia: Yes, but I really enjoy it. Mark: Sorry to interrupt. 8 _________________________Mark. I will be with Juan tomorrow when we go to the factory. 
Juan: I’m very pleased to meet you.

a. I’d like to introduce you to/I’d like you to meet 
b. I’m very pleased to meet you 
c. I’m very pleased to meet you 
d. Is this your first trip to 
e. How long have you been working for 
f. I mainly work with 
g. Oh, how interesting 
h. Can I introduce myself? My name is
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