[Learn English with us] Matariki Day – A mid winter festival

[Learn English with us] Matariki Day – A mid winter festival

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On Friday 14 July, 2023, we have our public holiday to celebrate Matariki.

7월 14일은 마타리키 데이로 공휴일입니다. 작년부터 새로 지정된 휴일이죠. 무슨 의미인지 무엇을 하는 날인지 아시나요?

Matariki. What is it? Why is it celebrated.

Matariki is the Maori name for the group of stars called the Pleiades or The Seven sisters. Matariki can be translated as Tiny Eyes or Eyes of God.

Matariki rises in the last days of May and is visible during June/July.

It is traditionally believed that if the Matariki starts are shining brightly, the next growing season will be warmer, and more food produced. Matariki is also the name given to the Maori new year. 

Matariki falls at the end of harvest time. This is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate and to share gifts of food from both land and sea.

A. Find a word in the story which means the same as those below:
1. _________________________   a point of light seen in the sky at night time
2. _________________________   one of four parts of the year
3. _________________________   the first people of New Zealand
4. _________________________   the time when farmers cut and gather the crops
5. _________________________  to do something enjoyable at a special occasion

 B. Tick true or false



 1. Matariki is a group of stars



 2. Matariki rises at the end of May



 3. Family and friends share food during Matariki.



 4. The name for Maori new year is Pleides.



 5. Bright Matariki stars may mean a good growing season.





A. 1.Star 2. Season   3. Maori   4. Harvest   5. Celebrate

B. 1. T  2. T  3. T   3. F   5. T 

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