[Learn English with us!] Hotel Reservation

[Learn English with us!] Hotel Reservation

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Learn English with us! 


뉴질랜드는 한겨울이지만 한국은 지금 한여름입니다.

휴가 계획에 꼭 필요한, 숙소 예약을 위한 영어를 배워봅시다.

1. 다양한 숙소 이름

A bed and breakfast: often a room in someone’s private home where they live

A chain hotel: owned by a large company which has many hotels in the same country or around the world.

A boutique hotel: is a single business 

A motel: located near main roads and is a place to sleep for people on a road trip 

A resort hotel: a place where people go to rest and relax, perhaps at the beach or in the mountains

2. Booking a room

요즘은 주로 온라인으로 예약을 합니다. 아래 예약을 위한 일들에 순서를 찾아보세요. 

____ a. if you have any questions, find the answers: FAQs and chatbots 궁금한 것들의 답을 찾아보기

____ b. decide what you need: location, budget, amenities 필요한 것들을 결정

____ c. search for options online   온라인에서 옵션을 찾아보기

____ d. compare reviews: cleanliness, customer service, value for money  리뷰를 확인하기 

____ e. book online: have your credit card ready to fill in a form  온라인으로 예약

Match the items with their meanings below.

 a. customer service



1. computer programs that can have conversations with humans online

 b. location



2. the amount of money you have available to spend on your holiday

 c. cleanliness



3. the exact place, position or address of the accommodation 

 d. budget



4. the quality of being free from dirt and therefore attractive, healthy and safe

 e. FAQs



5. the quality of giving people a good service or experience, considering how much they paid for it

 f. fill in



6. these letters stand for Frequently Asked Questions and this part of a website contains information that lots of people want to know

 g. amenities



7. things that make your stay in a hotel more pleasant (for example, a swimming pool)

 h. chatbots



8. things that you can choose from a list of possibilities 

 i. options



9. treating visitors in a helpful and polite way 

 j. value for money



10. write or type information in the spaces that are provided (phrasal verb)

3. Ask questions. 유용한 질문들

1) Do you have any rooms facing the beach? 바닷가 방향의 방이 있나요?

2) What type of breakfast do you serve? 조식은 어떤 종류가 있나요?

3) When do we have to check out? 체크아웃은 언제 하나요?

4) Where can we see a bar menu with prices? 가격이 있는 메뉴를 어디서 볼 수 있나요?

5) What time can we check in?  체크인은 몇시인가요?

6) Can we leave our bags with you after we check out? 체크인 후 가방을 맡겨 놓을 수 있나요?


2. a-4   b -1 c – 2  d- 3   e – 5

3. h-1    d-  2     b- 3      c-4      j -5     e- 6     g - 7   i -  8   a – 9    f - 10

(Resource: Linguahouse.com)


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