[Learn English with us] Christmas Light 크리스마스 라이트

[Learn English with us] Christmas Light 크리스마스 라이트

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Learn English with us!


크리스마스 라이트로 멋지게 장식한 집들이나 건물들을 구경해 보신 적 있나요?

아직 경험해 보지 못하셨다면 올해 아이들과 함께 경험해 보시기를 추천해 드립니다.

아래 크리스마스 라이트 장식을 구경하러 class trip을 준비하는 대화를 연습해 봅시다.

Teacher: Today, we're going on a field trip to see some amazing Christmas light displays! 

Ginny: Cool! Where are we going?

Teacher: We're going to Ponsonby! It's a neighbourhood famous for its elaborate Christmas lights. 

Akiko: Wow! I've heard of that place! It's supposed to be incredible.

Teacher: It is! There are houses decorated with millions of lights, inflatables, and even animated displays. It's a real sight to see.

Miguel: I'm so excited! Can we take pictures?

Teacher: Of course! Bring your cameras and phones so you can capture all the magic.

Hana: Are we going to walk or drive?

Teacher: We'll be walking so we can take our time and see everything up close.

Ginny: Great.

 Teacher: Not only will you be dazzled by the lights, but you'll also experience the unique Christmas spirit that surrounds Candy Cane Lane.

Ginny: What do you mean by "Christmas spirit"?

Teacher: It's the feeling of joy, warmth, and generosity that Christmas brings. Decorating houses with lights is a tradition that dates back centuries. It started in Germany with candles on Christmas trees, symbolizing Christ as the light of the world. ️

Akiko: Oh, that's interesting! So it's more than just pretty decorations?

Teacher: Exactly! It's a way to celebrate the holidays and bring communities together. People spend hours planning and decorating their homes, not only for their own enjoyment, but also to spread joy to others. ️

Miguel: I can imagine the smiles on people's faces as they walk through Candy Cane Lane.

Teacher: You're right! It's a truly magical experience. And it's not just about the lights. Many houses also have nativity scenes, Santa Claus figures, and other Christmas characters. It's like stepping into a winter wonderland.

Hana: I can't wait to see it all!

Teacher: Me neither! This field trip is a great way to learn about Christmas traditions and experience the spirit of the season firsthand.

All students: Thank you for taking us, Teacher!

오클랜드에서 크리스마스 라이트를 볼 수 있는 곳

Franklin Road, Ponsonby

Every year, the residents of Franklin Road light up their houses and decorate their gardens for everyone to enjoy. They turn on their lights from 1st December, 7:30pm until 11pm each night, until Christmas Eve. This can be enjoyed by either car or foot. Make sure you schedule enough time to check out the surrounding streets and even local businesses that love to be included.It is truly a beautiful, festive outing to be enjoyed by your family or friends! 

Glenbrook Vintage Railway, Waiuku

Glenbrook Vintage Railway will again be lighting up with festive cheer this year with its award-winning Christmas experience at Glenbrook Station. The Trains at Night Christmas Lights will run over 12 nights from 8th – 10th December and 15th – 23rd December from 6pm to 11pm. Make sure you take the kids to Santa’s grotto, enjoy the night markets, train rides, and so much more.

Smith and Caughey’s, Auckland City

Create wonderful memories at Smith & Caughey’s with their Enchanted Forest, Santa Visit in his ‘Cosy Cottage’ and festive animated window display. With their Christmas Experiences available to book from mid-November it’s the perfect ‘first tradition’ to start the festive season and a memorable time you will not forget. 


Over 12 spectacular nights MOTAT will be transformed into a festive wonderland running Wednesday – Saturday from 6th December – 23rd December. Not just incredible Christmas Lights but your ticket also includes live music, entertainment, tram rides, Santa visits and so much more. This Christmas attraction is very popular and sells out so if you are ready to book. 

Sky Tower Christmas Lights

Make an evening of it and head into the city! Every year throughout December, the Sky Tower lights up beautifully with a Christmas theme of green and red.


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